Summer Camp Information

Summer camp is open to ages 4 through 14.

Camp will consist of 4 groups

Knee-High Naturalists (ages 4,5,6)

Nature Explorers (ages 7,8,9)

Tree Trekkers (ages 10,11,12)

Trail Leaders (ages 13 & 14)

There will be some 15-18 year old high school volunteers and two to three adult counselors, depending on participation. 

Many activities will be done as a group, such as morning Flag ceremony and announcements. 

Ages will be split up when there are age-related projects, arts and crafts, and when enjoying the water slides.

We will allow friends and siblings to be in the same group if they are no more than two years apart in age.


Please call or text Dawn at (478) 538-3216 if you have questions about Summer Camp 2021.

Contact us below for more information.

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